Malaysia Real Estates Integrity Elites 2024

Why Should You
Participate in This Nomination?

Exclusive Recognition

Increase Visibility

Build Consumer Trust

Career Inspiration

Business Opportunity

Earned The Respect

Become A Role Model

Who is Entitled To This Award?

1. Registration is open to all professional practitioners who contributed immensely in Malaysia’s real estate industry as follows:

2. The nominee must be a legal citizen, whether in Malaysia or a foreign country.

3. The nominee must have at least 3 years of professional experience with outstanding achievements.


Malaysia Real Estates Integrity Elites 2024

Malaysia Real Estates Integrity Elites is a recognition given to the real estate elites who have achieved excellence in the real estate industry by demonstrating their strong acumen and talent. They are selected role models in the industry, who have demonstrated knowledge and skills at the highest level in real estate development, advisory, architecture, interior design, real estate appraisal, home inspection, etc. They uphold the best practices and continuing to provide high-quality development for real estate industry.


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